This project will be frozen for a undetermined time. Actually I have other priorities (paid work, real life, etc.) and I have not enough time to mantain this project, started as a hobby to understand the Eclipse plugin architecture.

If anyone wants to mantain the plugin, the source code is in SourceForge CVS. Stay free to do whatever you want, but don't disturb me asking to create an account for you in SourceForge. If you want to continue the plugin, get the source, IMPROVE IT and then create another project (and please, mantain the original credits and copyright, as stated by GPL license).

I heard rumors about a complete plugin from SuperWaba Team in the newsgroup, so now that the platform is paid you can expected a better support direct from them.

Wow! Is this a IDE for SuperWaba?

Not exactly ;-))) It is just a set of plugins that extends Eclipse JDT in order to provide better support for common tasks in SuperWaba application development.

There is a draft FAQ here and a tutorial here.

For bugs and enhancements which are not in the TODO list, open a ticket in SourceForge.


11 March 2005

Version 0.3.3 Released!!! Check the update site.

It now supports SW 5.0. Tested in GPL version. Old versions are still working. Please check the updated tutorial.

04 Jully 2004

Version 0.3.2 Released!!!

Now works with Eclipse 3.0 final.

30 May 2004

Version 0.3.1 Released!!!

Now works (only) with Eclipse 3.0 M9.

18 April 2004

Version 0.3.0 Released!!! Command prompt, no more!!!

Some improvements, basic support to Warp/Exegen.

07 March 2004

Version 0.2.0 Released!!!

Some minor changes.

03 March 2004

As you can see, the project website has been "mavenized".

Excuse me for the horrendous logo. It was the best I could do with CoolText. I hope someone can contribute with a better logo.


  • Eclipse 3.0
  • SuperWaba SDK 3.5a or higher


This plugin is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL license.


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